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Game History

Mega Man Network Transmission

In that game, he was one of the victims of the Zero Virus, and as well the first boss of the game once again. He went on a rampage and burned the net, but was defeated by MegaMan and the fire was extinguished. Mr. Match intervened before FireMan was deleted, explaining how he had no control over FireMan after he installed the fake Zero vaccine.

HP: 400

Element: Fire

FireMan.EXE, before the battle


  • FireArm (50) — FireMan uses his arm cannon to launch a flamethrower.
  • FireAura (50) — When the player stands too close, FireMan will unleash flames around him.
  • FireBlast (120) — FireMan releases a huge column of fire into the air. FireMan uses this at low HP.

FireMan is dangerous at close range with FireAura and FireBlast, so use long-range attacks. Make sure to have the equipped to reduce damage taken. The player can dodge his FireArm by sliding underneath it or underneath FireMan’s legs. When FireMan is defeated, the player will receive either a FireArm battle chip or a FireMan battle chip.

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

FireMan appears alongside Mr. Match in the Battle Chip GP. He appears as the final opponent in the D-Class Match Tournament, the third round of the C-Class Quick Tournament, the third round of the X-Class Shadow Tournament and random encounters in Open Battles.

FireMan is Mr. Match’s NetNavi in the Den City tournament. He is one of the competitors that may face off against MegaMan.

Before the match, FireMan will NetBattle against BurnerMan in an attempt to decide who’s the better fire NetNavi. Their battle sets the whole Net on fire and MegaMan has to convince them to stop.


  • Fire Man is the first Robot Master in the original Mega Man

    In Mega Man Megamix however, Fire Man can turn his cannons into hands, like Mega Man (see Gallery above).

    series not to have any hands. It is also the first Robot Master to have at least one arm cannon.

In Rockman Strategy, Fire Man’s name was mistakenly switched with that of Flame Man during the translation to English.

Fire Man is the second least utilized member of the original six Robot Master bosses from the original Mega Man game, notably being absent from Mega Man: The Power Battle. Additionally, he appeared with less frequency than any of the other Robot Masters in the first fifty or so issues of the Archie Comic, and never unaccompanied by his fellows except during his battle with Mega Man.

Fire Man is also the first Robot Master ever to not have a visible mouth. However, in Mega Man Megamix he can open his face plate.

Fire Man has blue eyes, but he is portrayed with red eyes in Mega Man Powered Up and the Ruby-Spears cartoon.

In Mega Man Powered Up, Fire Man speaks in a southern drawl.

See also

  • HeatMan.EXE
  • FlameMan.EXE
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Video game appearances

Mega Man

Dr. Wily reprogrammed Fire Man and Dr. Light’s other industrial robots to help him conquer the world, appearing as a boss. Mega Man fights against Fire Man and defeats him.


Fire Man’s only attack is a blast of fire which stalls after being shot then promptly blazes forward, leaving a flame on the ground as it crosses Mega Man’s vertical position. He will only attack from a specific distance (about 1/2 of screen width) or in counterattacking, which means that if one keeps close enough to him he will keep retreating, changing direction only after reaching a wall, attacking only if hit and allowing the player to calculate his own attacks and subsequent jump dodges. Following this method guarantees a no-damage fight, as long as one does not get greedy near walls.

Mega Man Powered Up

As a remake of the first game, Fire Man appears as a boss, but he becomes a playable character if he is defeated by Mega Man using only the Mega Buster. He can use his Fire Storm whenever he wants, but if he runs into water, he will lose the ability to launch waves of fire (though he will still be able to summon a fiery sphere around him) until he comes back into contact with lava or fire.


In New Style mode, the Fire Man boss fight is considerably easier compared to his original counterpart in that his Fire Storm projectiles don’t stall and the ground does not ignite from below the player. In Hard difficulty, he will also jump and shoot mid-air. In both Normal and Hard difficulties, Fire Man gains a new attack which he sends a wave of fire that travels slowly along the ground and disappears after reaching a wall (in Hard difficulty, after reaching a wall the fire wave continues travelling in the other direction and will disappear after reaching the other side). He uses this attack when his health is down by half in Normal and in Hard difficulty, he can use this at anytime.

Dialogues (Mega Man Powered Up) As a Boss

If Playing as Mega Man

Fire Man: Fiiiiire! Burn! Burn! My justice burns hotly! Evil beware!

Mega Man: Fireman?! Why are you…? I haven’t done anything to you!

Fire Man: By the fire of justice, I am certain you are evil!! Fiiiiiire!!

Wily & Right’s RockBoard: That’s Paradise

The Boss Card Fire Card (ファイヤーカード) can be used to summon Fire Man, who will incinerate (discard) one of the opponent’s cards of the player’s choice.

Mega Man’s Soccer

Fire Man is a balanced player. In the Capcom Championship mode, a team formed by eight Fire Men in one of the eight team bosses. One Fire Man joins Mega Man’s team after his defeat.

In Tournament mode, his team consists of three Fire Men, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Air Man, Gemini Man and Top Man. In League mode, his team contains three Fire Men, two Bomb Men, two Flash Men and Enker.

Super Adventure Rockman

If Mega Man is defeated by Crash Man, Fire Man will appear to save him, giving the player the chance to fight against Crash Man again.

Chokkan! Rockman

In the mini-game Isoge! Rousoku Ignition (急げ!ろうそくイグニッション «Hurry up! Candle Ignition»), Fire Man skies down a «Rockman 20th Anniversary» cake while lighting candles to gain more time and taking strawberries for extra points.

Rockman Strategy

Fire Man is a recurring enemy in this game, first appearing during the Opening Stage in Japan along with Cut Man. He also appears in Sagitarius’ Magma Inferno stage in Northwest Africa with Burst Man, and can become a member of the player’s party.

Mega Man loading screen in Mega Man Anniversary Collection

  • Fire Man appears in Mega Man 3’s ending.
  • Fire Man appears in a CD data in Mega Man & Bass.
  • The loading screen from the first Mega Man game in Mega Man: Anniversary Collection shows Fire Man and Guts Man.
  • Fire Man is an opponent in Rockman The Puzzle Battle.
  • Fire Man is the main enemy from Rockman Panic Fire, where he is overheated and leaves Changkeys where he steps.

Other Media

Fire Man in the Ruby-Spears Mega Man TV series.

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)

Fire Man makes an appearance in the intro to the Ruby-Spears Mega Man animated series, as well as an appearance in the first episode. He was completely silent and was taken out near effortlessly by Roll’s vacuum. He did not appear in the series again. He strongly resembled his game counterpart, but his armor had a very muscular appearance and his joints were red, and he had flames painted on his arms.

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Fire Man’s appearance in Mega Man: Fully Charged

Main article: Fire Man (Mega Man: Fully Charged)

Fire Man is a bulky robot that worked as a welding robot until he lost his temper, being recruited by Sgt. Night to help him start a war between humans and robots. He is the first robot fought by Mega Man.

Captain N: The Game Master

Fire Man appeared along with the rest of the Robot Masters from the first Mega Man game in the fifth episode. He looked nothing like his game counterpart aside from flamethrower arms and a flame on his head.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Main article: Fire Man/Archie ComicsFire Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light to be a waste disposal robot, but he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to help him conquer the world. After Dr. Wily’s defeat, Fire Man’s programming is restored and he now works as a disposal robot and occasionally assists Mega Man.

Mega Man Megamix

Fire Man was created by Dr. Light as a waste management robot that uses his flames to burn away the world’s waste, which is piling up on a daily basis. He is in charge of the worker robots who take care of more simple tasks at the waste management duties himself. His Fire Storm burns at 7000 to 8000 degrees celsius, and it is capable of burning through just about anything. His body is covered with a fireproof material, and his internal components are also heat resistant. The metal components of Fire Man’s body are used to launch his flames. His personality is better described as a quietly burning flame, rather than a chaotic and rampart wildfire.

In Mega Man Megamix, Fire Man was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to help him conquer the world, but he is stopped by Mega Man and Dr. Light repairs him. Dr. Light’s robots are considered dangerous and are set to be disposed, but Dr. Wily sends Wood Man to retrieve them and give a chance to join him again and avoid destruction. Fire Man refuses and assists Mega Man against Dr. Wily’s robots, fighting against Air Man, Metal Man, and Crash Man alongside Cut Man, Guts Man and Bomb Man. Due to the heroic actions from Dr. Light’s robots, the orders to destroy them is cancelled and they return to their works.

In their day off, Dr. Light’s robots go to an amusement park and have fun until Bass appears and starts causing trouble. They attempt to stop Bass, but are no match for him and are heavily damaged. They are later repaired by Dr. Light, but Proto Man damages them before they leave Dr. Light’s lab to avoid their interference in the battle between Mega Man and Bass. When Mega Man declares that humans are his enemies, Dr. Light and his robots are temporarily placed under arrest, but Ring Man assists them to escape so they can help prove Mega Man’s innocence.

In Mega Man Gigamix, Fire Man gives assistance in the battle against the Stardroids.

Other appearances

Fire Man appears in Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin, Rockman wo Tsukutta Otokotachi — Rockman Tanjou Densetsu, and Rock’n Game Boy.

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Все новости

Battle Chips

FireMan Battle Chips are mainly obtained by defeating FireMan.

Mega Man Battle Network

The FireMan Battle Chips became stronger in Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star.

ID Image Name Description Damage Element Code Rarity
137 FireMan 1 row fire arm 100(110 in OSS) Fire F ***
138 FireMan2 1 row fire arm 120(140 in OSS) Fire F ****
139 FireMan3 1 row fire arm 150(180 in OSS) Fire F *****

Mega Man Battle Network 4

FireMan chips can only be obtained in the Red Sun version. They can be traded with the Blue Moon version, where they are Secret Chips.

ID Battle Chip Description Attack Element Code MB Rarity
Mega Chip 31(Red Sun) FireMan Fire burn to front side 100 Fire F 36 MB ****
Mega Chip 32(Red Sun) FireMnSP Fire burn to front side ??? Fire F 72 MB *****
Mega Chip 33(Red Sun) FireMnDS Fire burn to front side ??? Fire F 72 MB *****

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

ID Image Name HP AP MB Element Accuracy Dodge Priority Attack Description Rarity
225 FireMan 500 60 130 Fire B C 7 Pierce60(FireArm) Pierce Guard *****

Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation

ID Battle Chip Description Attack Element MB Rarity
Mega Chip 31 ファイアマン(Fireman) 前方のよこ1れつにかんつうする炎!ファイアアーム! 100 Fire 36 MB ****
Mega Chip 32 ファイアマンSP(Fireman SP) 前方のよこ1れつにかんつうする炎!ファイアアーム! ??? Fire 72 MB *****
Mega Chip 33 ファイアマンDS(Fireman DS) 前方のよこ1れつにかんつうする炎!ファイアアーム! ??? Fire 72 MB *****

Advanced PET

ファイアマン (Fireman)
ID 233 Class Mega
Type Attack Chip Element Fire
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)
? ?
ファイアマンSP (Fireman SP)
ID 234 Class Mega
Type Attack Chip Element Fire
CP 4 AT 5
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)
OS-09 Operation Battle Starter Fireman Deck ?
ファイアマンDS (Fireman DS)
ID 235 Class Mega
Type Attack Chip Element Fire
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)
? MegaMan BattleChip Booster Pack (TorchMan)
ファイアマン (Fireman)
ID 318 Class Navi Data Chip
Type Navi Data Chip Element
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)
OS-09 Operation Battle Starter Fireman Deck ?


  1. Mega Man Powered Up US game manual. 2006. pg.26. Retrieved on December 3, 2011.
  2. The Reploid Research Lavatory: Weird Science
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Из фильма В центре вниманияИз фильма Ван ХельсингИз сериала Дневники ВампираИз фильма Скауты против зомбииз фильмов ‘Миссия невыполнима’Из фильма Голодные игры: Сойка-пересмешница. Часть 2OST ‘Свет в океане’OST «Большой и добрый великан»из фильма ‘Новогодний корпоратив’из фильма ‘Список Шиндлера’ OST ‘Перевозчик’Из фильма Книга джунглейиз сериала ‘Метод’Из фильма ТелохранительИз сериала Изменыиз фильма Мистериум. Тьма в бутылкеиз фильма ‘Пассажиры’из фильма ТишинаИз сериала Кухня. 6 сезониз фильма ‘Расплата’ Из фильма Человек-муравейиз фильма ПриглашениеИз фильма Бегущий в лабиринте 2из фильма ‘Молот’из фильма ‘Инкарнация’Из фильма Савва. Сердце воинаИз сериала Легко ли быть молодымиз сериала ‘Ольга’Из сериала Хроники ШаннарыИз фильма Самый лучший деньИз фильма Соседи. На тропе войныМузыка из сериала «Остров»Из фильма ЙоганутыеИз фильма ПреступникИз сериала СверхестественноеИз сериала Сладкая жизньИз фильма Голограмма для короляИз фильма Первый мститель: ПротивостояниеИз фильма КостиИз фильма Любовь не по размеруOST ‘Глубоководный горизонт’Из фильма Перепискаиз фильма ‘Призрачная красота’Место встречи изменить нельзяOST «Гений»из фильма ‘Красотка’Из фильма Алиса в ЗазеркальеИз фильма 1+1 (Неприкасаемые)Из фильма До встречи с тобойиз фильма ‘Скрытые фигуры’из фильма Призывиз сериала ‘Мир Дикого Запада’из игр серии ‘Bioshock’ Музыка из аниме «Темный дворецкий»из фильма ‘Американская пастораль’Из фильма Тарзан. ЛегендаИз фильма Красавица и чудовище ‘Искусственный интеллект. Доступ неограничен»Люди в черном 3’из фильма ‘Планетариум’Из фильма ПрогулкаИз сериала ЧужестранкаИз сериала Элементарноиз сериала ‘Обратная сторона Луны’Из фильма ВаркрафтИз фильма Громче, чем бомбыиз мультфильма ‘Зверопой’Из фильма БруклинИз фильма Игра на понижениеИз фильма Зачарованнаяиз фильма РазрушениеOST «Полный расколбас»OST «Свободный штат Джонса»OST И гаснет светИз сериала СолдатыИз сериала Крыша мираИз фильма Неоновый демонИз фильма Москва никогда не спитИз фильма Джейн берет ружьеИз фильма Стражи галактикииз фильма ‘Sos, дед мороз или все сбудется’OST ‘Дом странных детей Мисс Перегрин’Из игры Contact WarsИз Фильма АмелиИз фильма Иллюзия обмана 2OST Ледниковый период 5: Столкновение неизбежноИз фильма Из тьмыИз фильма Колония Дигнидадиз фильма ‘Страна чудес’Музыка из сериала ‘Цвет черёмухи’Из фильма Образцовый самец 2из фильмов про Гарри Поттера Из фильма Дивергент, глава 3: За стеной из мультфильма ‘Монстр в Париже’из мультфильма ‘Аисты’Из фильма КоробкаИз фильма СомнияИз сериала Ходячие мертвецыИз фильма ВыборИз сериала Королек — птичка певчаяДень независимости 2: ВозрождениеИз сериала Великолепный векиз фильма ‘Полтора шпиона’из фильма Светская жизньИз сериала Острые козырьки


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Mega Man & Bass CD data

• CD data •
English data
A robot created for the work in an incinerator. His main weapon is called Fire Storm.
«I’ll fire you!»
Good Point: Hot-blooded
Bad Point: Hot-tempered
Like: Summer camp
Dislike: Rainy day
Japanese data
A robot that works on waste disposal. His Special Weapon Fire Storm can burn trash with flames of 8000 degrees.
«Get closer to me and ya’ll get burned!»
Good Point: Hot-blooded
Bad Point: Hot-tempered
Like: Camping
Dislike: Rainy weather

Rockman Complete Works data


Mega Man Legacy Collection text: A waste disposal robot who controls flames reaching temperatures of around 8000 degrees. His Fire Storm is tough to dodge, so be sure to attack with a weapon that plays on his weakness.

Stage enemies

Enemies in Fire Man’s stage:

  • Changkey
  • Gabyoall
  • Killer Bomb
  • Screwdriver

Enemies in the Game Boy version of Fire Man’s stage:

  • Adhering Suzy
  • Bunby Heli
  • Changkey Maker (With Changkey)
  • Screwdriver
  • Sniper Joe


Fire Man’s original Mega Man artwork.

Front, side and back view of Fire Man.

Fire Man from Mega Man Powered Up.

Fire Man from Mega Man Powered Up.

Concept art from Mega Man Powered Up.

Fire Man’s CD database sprite from Mega Man & Bass.

Fire Man from Super Adventure Rockman.

Fire Man in Chokkan! Rockman.

Fire Man in Rockman The Puzzle Battle.

Fire Man in Rockman Panic Fire.

Fire Man in Street Fighter x All Capcom.

Fire Man in Rockman Online.

Fire Man from Captain N: The Game Master.

Fire Man in Mega Man Megamix.

Fire Man in Mega Man Megamix.

Fire Man alongside other fire-related Robot Masters illustration by Hitoshi Ariga.

Fire Man illustration by Hitoshi Ariga for the Hobby-Rock event.

Fire Man in the Rockman manga.

Fire Man in Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues.

Fire Man in Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin.

Fire Man in Rock’n Game Boy.

Fire Man in Rockman Strategy

Fire Man artwork from a T-shirt

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